Friends , welcome to the 11th edition of the Monte-Carlo Film Festival , the only film festival in the world dedicated to comedy .
This year we decided to offer to the Principality , not only new films , but also those who had the most success in their own countries in order to pay a tribute to Comedy , the genre that filled up all cinemas around the world. Comedy is a story telling gallery that expresses emotions through laughter , defects , vices, tics and follies of nations often different in their nature , styles and ways of living. However, all the movies share one single common denominator : fun.
At times it will be cheeky, sometimes a bit ‘melancholic , others grotesque or with a touch of noir or nastiness, often part of comedy mechanisms. And at the end of a week full of screenings and premieres, the grand Gala with the delivery of the prizes to the winning films and Career Awards for actors, actresses , directors, musicians, cinematographers who have shaped the history of cinema. Great professionals who sometimes are also considered as real geniuses , even if someone claims that from a few years they begin to miss …
“The world is running out of genius: Einstein died, Beethoven became deaf … and i have a headache.” (Woody Allen)
I expect you all in the Principality . W Monte Carlo Film Festival!

Ezio Greggio
President of the Monte- Carlo Film Festival ” de la Comédie “

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