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The seventeenth edition of the Montecarlo Film Festival will be held from April 20rd to April 25rd 2020

Art. 1 – The 16th edition of the Monte-Carlo Film Festival de la Comédie will be held from March 4 to 9, 2019.

Art. 2 – The Festival’s main aim is the promotion and diffusion of the various Comedy genres by presenting films, holding meetings and events, presenting studies, etc.

Art. 3 – The Festival is composed of:

• Official Selection screenings. It is the main section of the festival with a showcase of 5 to 10 films competing for the main award

• Gala Screenings. A section dedicated to films out of competition selected from the best comedies of the year.

Art. 4 – All selected films shall not have been theatrically released before December 2017 either in France or Italy.

Films which have already been presented in other festivals can be selected for the competition or out of the competition.

Art. 5 – Films are invited by the Selection Committee on behalf of the Direction of the Festival.

Producers and Distributors wishing to submit their films for consideration can address their films to the Direction through the official website and send a copy of the film or an online screener. The Direction will also decide, with the agreement of the producers, in which section of the Festival (see art. 3) films shall be presented.

Art. 6 – The Festival will also organize meetings, forums, exhibitions, special events.

Art. 7 – An international jury will decide the official awards to the films which have entered the Official Selection in Competition.

The jury will consist of at least three renowned International personalities in the field of cinema and the arts.

Art. 8 – All films will be shown in original version with English and/or French subtitles.

Art. 9 – Selected films must be provided with the dialogue list and a copy of the film (digital disc or web link) together with the promotional material. In case of submission of a digital disc to create the electronic subtitles, it will be returned by the Festival only upon request.

Art. 10 – To be able to participate in the Festival it is necessary to send the entry form duly filled in and signed via fax or PDF. This document is an official agreement between the parties. The producer or agent will also agree to send all relevant information and materials (synopsis, cast, credits, stills, photos of directors and actors, posters, promotional videos etc.).

Art. 11 – All the above material must be addressed to selection@montecarlofilmfestival.net

Art. 12 – Transportation, brokers and insurance costs for the shipping of the films (regardless of the format) to and from the Festival shall be taken care of by the Festival. The Festival will also assume insurance costs once the carrier has delivered the film to festival and until the film is returned to him. In the case of loss or damage of a film, the Festival will reimburse an amount not exceeding the value of the lab print.

This rule applies only to the films selected and invited by the Direction.

Art. 13 – In order to promote films on the various TV networks, the Festival invites the Producer or Sales Agent to provide extracts of the films as foreseen by the international regulations.

These extracts only will be given to the televisions by the Festival.

Art. 14 – The producer of each film awarded at the Monte-Carlo Film Festival engages to publish the award in all promotional materials accompanying the commercial release of his film.

Art. 15 – The general program and screening schedule are the exclusive responsibility of the Direction of the Festival. Films accepted and included in the program cannot be withdrawn from competition once the entry form (see art.8) has been signed and sent in to the Festival.

Art. 16 – In case of disagreement and for any condition not included in these regulations, the final decision lies with the Festival’s Direction.

Art. 17 – Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of these regulations.

9 March 2019


The 16th edition of the Monte-Carlo Film Festival de la Comédie, the prestigious festival dedicated to comedy, conceived and directed by Ezio Greggio, is successfully concluded. The jury, chaired by the world-renowned award-winning director Emir Kusturica and composed by Fellini’s icon Sandra Milo, French actress Mathilda May and director, screenwriter and actor Edoardo Leo, decided […]

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4 March 2019

At the start today the 16th Edition of MONTECARLO FILM FESTIVAL DE LA COMÉDIE

The prestigious film festival conceived and directed by Ezio Greggio President of the jury, the world famous director EMIR KUSTURICA “It’s much harder to do smart and elegant comedies than dramas” It starts today the 16th edition of the Monte-Carlo Film Festival of the Comédie, the prestigious film festival conceived and directed by Ezio Greggio, […]

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29 January 2019


EMIR KUSTURICA PRESIDENT OF THE JURY OF THE 16th EDITION OF THE MONTE-CARLO FILM FESTIVAL The prestigious film festival conceived and directed by EZIO GREGGIO GRIMALDI FORUM MONTECARLO, PRINCIPALITY OF MONACO, 4 – 9 MARCH 2019   It will be the award-winning and eclectic director, screenwriter, actor and musician  world-renowned Emir Kusturica to preside over […]

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8 March 2018


A GREAT SUCCESS FOR THE MOVIE COMEDY KERMESS HELD BY EZIO GREGGIO This has been a great edition of the Monte-Carlo Film Festival de la Comedie directed by Ezio Greggio. The Jury, chaired by the two time Oscar winner Claude Lelouch and composed Nancy Brilli, Valeria Solarino and the critic Nick Vivarelli, decided the Palmares: […]

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2 March 2018

Travis Fimmel in Montecarlo, I’m a robber.

For the Oscar cheering Gary Oldman, he is my favorite. “I do not know the candidates well but I love Gary Oldman very much, he is my favorite”. Travis Fimmel, sex symbol, is a guest at the 15th edition of the Montecarlo Film Festival, the European festival dedicated to comedy, conceived and directed by Ezio […]

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1 March 2018


BETWEEN TERRORISM AND THE WISH OF HAPPINESS, TOMORROW ARRIVES TRAVIS FIMMEL It moves and entertains ‘Maktub‘, one of the three films in competition presented today at the 15th Montecarlo Film Festival directed by Ezio Greggio, the most important European show entirely dedicated to comedy. The film tells the story of two criminals who are the […]

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